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Former Residents

Pilot Residencies

  • M. Jude, artisan, India, 2001
  • Yuki Fukushima, potter, Japan, 2002
  • Francine Prevost, poet, France, 2002

Open Call Residencies

Special Invitation Residencies

  • Daniel Winkert, architect, Lousiana, 2003
  • Michael White, composer, Louisiana, special invitation 2003–2004 and Restoration resident 2008
  • Peter Coles, writer and photographer, England, 2006
  • Damien Aquiles, painter, Cuba, rescheduled from 2005 to 2007 due to Hurricane Katrina
  • James Langlois, writer – Partnership with Tulane University, Louisiana, 2007
  • Ada Bidiuc, writer – Partnership with Tulane University, Louisiana, 2008
  • Mollie Day, poet and environmental journalist, Louisiana, 2008
  • Alex Harris, photographer, North Carolina, 2011 www.alex-harris.com
  • Jean-Luc Delafontaine, writer – Partnership with Tulane University, Louisiana, 2011


River Residencies


Restoration Residencies:
Restoring New Orleans One Artist at a Time

  • Jason Chaffin, installation artist and musician, New Orleans, 2006
  • Jenny Kahn, painter, New Orleans, 2006
  • Monique Moss, choreographer and dancer, New Orleans, 2006
  • Valentine Pierce, writer, New Orleans, 2006
  • Yvette Sirker, playwright, director, and actor, New Orleans, 2006
  • Jane Hill, sculptor, New Orleans, 2007 www.janemariehill.com
  • Christy Speakman, multi media and conceptual artist, New Orleans, 2007 www.christyspeakman.com
  • Elizabeth Underwood, multi-media and conceptual artist, New Orleans, 2007 www.elizabethunderwood.net
  • Monique Michelle Verdin, photographer, New Orleans, 2007
  • Kathy Randels & Sean Larocca, artspot productions, 2008 www.artspotproductions.org
  • Gianna Chachere, filmmaker, New Orleans, 2008
  • Jon Gross, composer, New Orleans, 2008
  • Brigham Hall, composer, New Orleans, 2008 www.brighamhall.com
  • Raymond “Moose” Jackson, poet, New Orelans, 2008 www.myspace.com/illusionfields
  • Michael White, composer, New Orleans, 2008


Changing Landscapes Residencies


Ebb and Flow Residencies


Flint and Steel Residencies

  • Pippin Frisbie-Calder, visual artist, Louisiana, January 2015, www.pippinprint.com
    Faculty Partner: Tim McLean, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  • Maria Möller, visual artist, Pennsylvania, February 2015, www.mariamoller.org
    Faculty Partner: Rich Campanella, School of Architecture
  • Jessica Levine, installation artist, West Virginia, March 2015, www.jessicalevineartist.com
    Faculty Partner: Jordan Karubian and Renata Ribeiro, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  • Anna Fitzgerald, performing artist, Maryland, April 2015, www.annafitz.com
    Faculty Partner: Felicia Rabito, School of Public Health
  • Shay Nichols, composer, California, Fall 2015, www.shaynichols.com
    Faculty Partner: Tom Sherry, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  • Matt Wright, visual artist, New York, Fall 2015
    Faculty Partner: Vicki Mayer, Communications
  • Christy George, writer, Oregon, Spring 2016, www.vanishinghometowns.com
    Faculty Partner: Laura Murphy, School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine
  • Jan Mun, media artist, New York, Spring 2016, www.janmun.com
    Faculty Partner: Howard Mielke, Pharmacology
  • Elizabeth Oscar Maynard, visual artist, California, Spring 2016, www.countrycounterculture.com
    Faculty Partner: Randy Sparks, Religious Studies, History Department
  • Jebney Lewis, sculptor, Spring 2016, Jebney Lewis and the Commotion Festival Super Creature
    Faculty Partner: Rick Snow, Music Science and Technology
  • Donna Cooper Hurt, visual artist, South Carolina, Spring 2016, www.donnacooperhurt.com
    Faculty Partner: Donata Henry, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  • Jacqueline Ehle Inglefield, visual artist, Louisiana, Fall 2016, www.jacquelineehleinglefield.com
    Faculty Partner: Mark Gstohl, Theology, Xavier
  • Byron Asher, composer, Louisiana, Fall 2016, www.byronasher.bandcamp.com
    Faculty Partner: Sharlene Sinegal DeCuir, History, Xavier
  • Rachel Wallis, visual artist, Illinois, Spring 2017, www.rachelawallis.com
    Faculty Partner: Blakeslee Gilpin, History, Tulane
  • Esther Solondz, visual artist, Rhode Island, Spring 2017, www.esthersolondz.com
    Faculty Partner: Claudia Riegel, Entomology, Tulane
  • Sarah Dahnke, performing artist, New York, Spring 2017, www.sarahdahnke.com
    Faculty Partner: Stephen Ostertag, Sociology, Tulane


Adaptations Residencies